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Population Health Advisors will collaborate with clients to build a customized population health strategy that works within your unique market and culture.

PHA focuses the strategy development on six key components that must be developed and optimized for a clinically integrated network (CIN) to be high-performing, value-based, and successful in population health

  • Governance: The administrative functions & structure needed to develop & operate a Clinically Integrated Network and to meet reporting and compliance requirements
  • Network Optimization: Network of high value health care providers that partner together to excel at population health. Strong emphasis on primary care. Includes ongoing assessment of network adequacy & access
  • Analytics: The technology infrastructure needed to support population health and to provide the reporting and analytical capabilities required for success
  • Care Management: Comprehensive care management that engages the patient across the continuum of care. Includes management of the patient in the ambulatory, acute, emergency, and post-acute care space
  • Provider Engagement: Engagement, collaboration, and connection that takes place throughout all levels of the network from leadership to administrative staff, to the physician member; and the pathway it provides to true health care transformation
  • Payer Strategy: A strategy to create and operationalize mutually beneficial arrangements with payers in the market that incent and support the delivery of high quality, patient centered and efficient care