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​PHA seeks to offer external health care organizations, integrated delivery networks, and payers with population health management assessments, tools and solutions to deliver quality improvement strategies, share best practices, and serve the needs of patients and families more efficiently.

Clients leverage PHA’s scalable and sustainable infrastructure, tools, and resources to:

  • Develop a robust network, beginning with primary care
  • Accelerate the development of population health care models
  • Support local efforts
  • Commercialize the network
  • Expand risk adoption as care model success evolves
  • Build visible synergy between system access points to improve market position
  • Proactively engage patients with appropriate primary and specialty care interventions
  • Expedite the implementation of clinical and operational best practices
  • Support hardwire performance within the resource support structure
  • Leverage technology platform to identify and deliver care
  • Thrive in a challenging health care environment